Songs List

Here is a partial listing of my songs, by title.  Since most of you will not know them unless you hear them, either you can go to or to hear them, or come listen to me in Second Life.

New (relatively) since 2013:
  • Butterfly in Me
  • Don't Have a Clue
  • The North Shore is Calling Me
  • I'll Smile
  • Come Sail with Me (different than one below)

SL Favorites:
  • Je Suis l'Amour *
  • Come Sailing with Me (on a Second Life Sea)
  • Sweet Daughter of Sunshine
  • Dance with Me M'lady *  **
  • To Esther *
  • Sing Me a Sweet Song *
  • The Road
  • Sunshine So Pretty
  • I Don't Want to Go to Pittsburgh
  • Wisconson
  • Can You hear Me *
  • When Dragon Stopped By
  • One More Day
  • A Thousand Things to Do
  • Don't Bother Telling My Bonnie Where I Am
  • Words for You
  • Alice
Many of those are Real Life based.  But, people like to hear them at my shows.

Other songs I play less often are ...
  • Sing Myself to Sleep
  • If I Were ... Whatever
  • Many's the Time
  • My Home in Second Life
  • A Bench in St. Paul
  • What's the Cost of Freedom
  • My Lovin' For You
  • Looking back, Lord *
  • Watch that Mississippi Roll
  • Song to a Friend
  • Come Cloudy Weather
  • Sing My Soul
  • Song of a Star Traveler
  • Buggs MacKoy
  • Cold Wind's Blowin'
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • A Girl Names Straw
  • New York Girl
  • Been Away Too Long
  • Can't Say That I'll Be There
  • A Long, Long Day
  • Where Do All the Rivers Flow
  • You've Got the Wrong man Today
  • It's Taken Far Too Long
  • Hard Time getting Along
  • Been Looking
  • I Just Don't Know
  • Gotta Get Away Real Soon
  • Going Back Down
  • Comin' in Line the Horn
  • Midnight Writer
And there are more not listed, and more on the drawing board.
*Can be found on
** Has a video up on YouTube.