Thursday, July 2, 2015

I've been thinking about doing this for a while.  But, I was not sure "how."  I want to tell the story behind the songs that I've been putting up on SoundCloud.  So, maybe I'll use *The Blog* to do that.

Well, good idea.  But, I have a better idea.  I'll be putting all that in the Sounds of Ray website.  Visit the Songs List page to find links to the recordings and the info.

But, give me a few days to get that going.  It should be on its way by mid-July.

Friday, May 29, 2015

New Computer - New Songs

OK.  yes.  I've been way too slow at making entries here.  But, I have news that I want to mention.

First, my old computer died.  Luckily, it was the motherboard.  So, all my data was OK.  But, it forced me to buy a new computer.  Sure, I'd have loved to have replaced it with an iMac or even  the new Mac Pro.  But, I'm not flush with money these days. Dell provided me with a nice payment plan option on a really good machine (that was a quarter of the price of a Mac), so I went with it. 'Nough said about that.

Now, I had two computers: one for general stuff and one for recording my music.  Well, that second machine was even older and limping along.  So, I basically replaced two machines with this one. 

And what a difference a decade makes.  I upgraded the most critical software (something I haven't been able to do for years) and am finally enjoying recording again.

So, that's the *real* news here.  I've recorded (or re-recorded in some cases) 5 songs, as of this moment, and put them up on SoundCloud.  I've got two more that I'm working on and about 10 more I'd like to record and get up there by the end of June.  Then, I'll decide on the 20 (or so) other songs I list as "OK" songs.

And, that doesn't include any of the dozen or more songs on my "working" table just waiting for that tiny spark of inspiration that will give them a place in my Songs List.

The link to SoundCloud is down in the "More Sites" box in the lower right ("SOR on SoundCloud"), if you'd like to listen in.  Also, I'll be posting updates on the SOR FB account (I hope).