Sunday, January 6, 2013

1975 – the year I leaped and missed

I don’t know what most of you were doing in 1975, but I was trying to find where I fit in after spending 4 years in the USAF.  I was working at my 3rd job in 2 years, had broken up with my heart throb, had a new motorcycle and was working on new songs and what I was going to do with them.
I had originally marked this point as 1974.  But, after thinking back through my experiences, I decided 1975 was more correct, since in 1976 I had a total life change by following the job trail out to Minnesota.
Anyway, I had played a few bars and some back rooms and was getting positive results.  I even had an offer to join with a band out of Connecticut (which I didn’t take because I wasn’t sure it was my style). I figured it was time to search out a publisher.  {Where is that Time Machine when you need it, right?}
Anyway, my choices were the City (NYC, that is) or Boston.  I called around and both places wanted to see all new material in person.  I decided that Boston was the better route for that.  So, I made an appointment …. wait … wait … that’s what I should have done.  But, what I *really* did was make a quick cassette tape of some songs, packed a lunch and drove to Boston with an address in hand.
Now, that’s bad, right?  Well, I did this on a Saturday.  I drove all the way to Boston.  I got within a few blocks of my destination when I slammed into the back of someone making a right turn ... except he stopped suddenly.  Bam!  Luckily no one was hurt.  He had an accident earlier on that same spot and hadn’t had time to fix it yet.  But, I wiped out my headlight and right front fender.
We agreed to let it go.  I pried the fender out enough to allow the wheel full movement (mostly).  But, my headlights were toast since the circuit was shorted.  I drove to where the production company office was and went in to see the head man.  But, and that’s where the appointment would have been nice, he wasn’t in.  The receptionist said she’d take my tape.  But, I didn’t want to leave it and just left.  I got back in my busted car, ate my cold sandwich and drove home.  It was dark before I got close.  I ran the rest of the way with just my running lights on: no headlights.
So there you go.  I leaped and missed.  Poor planning, poor timing, and bad luck all rolled into one experience.
Was it bad?  I don’t know.  Who can say if any mishap is bad.  Sometimes it works out for the better.  But, the absolute *worst* thing you can do is give up.  I have never given up.  I may fall into slumps at times (even for several years).  But, the spark still shines inside.  And I suspect it will until I take that last final breath.
So, keep trying, regardless of the outcome.  And, please, have fun doing it … in any life.

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